Zuri Godfrey

Howard University

Zuri was born and raised in Hampton, VA, and is the son of an HBCU grad. He chose Howard because it would provide him with not only success in the 4 years of college but success in the next 40 years of his life. Zuri started out with a passion for helping people succeed holistically and has since built out that interest into Build & Brand You, an organization that cultivates the brands of all humans. He aims to become a successful marketer, entrepreneur, and servant. Some of his proudest achievements are starting Build & Brand You, successfully pitching the inclusion of Juneteenth on Google Calendar as an intern, and earning an athletic scholarship after being a walk-on.


Alvaro L. Martins Executive Leadership Council (ELC) Scholar

McKinsey & Company Scholar

Chick-fil-A Scholar

Professional/Academic Programs


Internships + Offers

Associate Product Marketing Intern at Google

Management Consulting Intern at PwC Social Media

Extern, Facebook Business Development Extern, NFL

Independent Projects

Founder of Build & Brand You

Post-Graduation Plan

Full-time Associate Product Marketing Manager at Google


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