Stephen Seymour



Stephen is Bahamian born and bred, son of a single mother office clerk. He comes from a family of hardworking and supportive women. Stephen chose Morehouse because he wanted to holistically develop his character as a man; it didn't give him the most scholarships but he felt that he would experience unique growth there, and he did. Starting with 3D Arts & crafts projects in high school he always liked the idea of building things. At Morehouse, he expanded his toolbox to include science and engineering tools and co-founded MakeWay, an engineering design organization, during his Sophomore year. From a community impact perspective, he is focused on making quality STEM education experiences more accessible to minority students. Post-graduation, Stephen plans to devote some of his free-time to non-profits focused on doing just that in addition to accepting a full-time offer as a Hardware Engineer at Microsoft.

Professional/Academic Programs

Black Venture Capital Consortium (BVCC)

Internships + Offers

Engineering Intern at BorgWarner

Explore Intern at Microsoft

Hardware Engineering Intern/Full-Time Offer at Microsoft

Incoming Venture Capital Intern at DCVC


Robotics Research at University of Michigan

Independent Projects

Founded an HBCU engineering organization on campus (MakeWay)

Created an IoT communication network that can be used when cellphone towers arent working due to bad weather

Experiences Abroad

Was selected for the Oprah Winfrey South Africa Leadership Program (canceled due to COVID-19)


2020 HBCU Making and Innovation Competition Winner

Led a team of 14 to be the first HBCU to compete in the ASME IAM3D Competition

Led a team to design a Zero Energy Home in the U.S DOE Solar Decathlon Design Challenge

Co-led a team that built a high powered rocket in NASA's student launch challenge

Post-Graduation Plan

Full-time Hardware Engineer at Microsoft


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