Sainna Christian



Sainna Christian was born and raised in Clarendon, Jamaica. She's a trailblazer; Sainna is the first person in her immediate family to migrated to study outside of Jamaica and thus the first who attended a HBCU. She initially chose LeMoyne-Owen College because she was offered a full academic scholarship. Beyond that, she's stayed because of the close-knit culture at LeMoyne. That culture has allowed her to hone her leadership skills, develop close relationships with campus constituents, all while feeling more at home. She became interested in studying Business in high school when she had to choose a track to focus on (Sciences, Business or Humanities). Her classes have remained interesting since then and it was only natural for her to keep studying business at LeMoyne. Coming from Jamaica, Sainna knows firsthand the importance of developing a solid business acumen - which includes an understanding of the economy, how companies make money, personal finances, and everything in between. Studying Accounting and going into finance allowed her the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skillset needed to one day return to Jamaica and help build the economy through providing strategic, informed solutions, and policy recommendations. Following graduation, she will be working in Investment Banking which positions her to provide advisory-based financial solutions to assist large corporations in their capital-raising efforts. She's proudest of the internships she's landed, primarily because my college is small and not well-known. When completing applications, LeMoyne-Owen College is often not listed and she has to choose "Other". She views this as a an opportunity to put her college on the map. She's also extremely proud of being named a Rhodes Scholarship finalist for Jamaica and the Commonwealth Caribbean. Going through the process allowed her to reflect and to narrow her focus; she now has a clearer understanding of how she wants to chart her path in life. On top of these, she is proud of everything she's accomplished as an international student. The Glenmuir High School alum represents Jamaica in every space she can and she is proud to say that she has done a good job so far.


Deloitte 2019 HBCU Emerging Leader in Accounting Scholarship recipient

A Step Ahead Foundation 2019 Scholarship recipient

Professional/Academic Programs

Summer Institute for Emerging Managers and Leaders (SIEML) participant (May 2020)

UBS Tomorrow's Leaders Program (May 2019)

Bank of America Elevating Careers Diversity and Inclusion Forum (April 2019)

Accounting Leadership Weekend - Indiana University Kelley School of Business (April 2019)

JP Morgan Chase Women's Corporate and Investment Banking Women's Program (April 2019)

BlackRock Find Your Future Forum (March 2019)

Evercore Sophomore Diversity Seminar (December 2018)

McKinsey Women's Undergraduate Summit (June 2018)

JP Morgan Chase Freshman Seminar (June 2018)

Citi Freshman Experience Program (May 2018)

Goldman Sachs Women's Leadership Camp (April 2018)

Internships + Offers

Internal Audit Intern at ALSAC/ St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (Summer 2018)

Summer Analyst at Citi Sophomore Leadership Program (Summer 2019)

Investment Banking Summer Analyst at JP Morgan Chase (Summer 2020)

Full-time Investment Banking Analyst Offer at JP Morgan Chase (Starting June 2021)

Academic Honors

Summa Cum Laude


Fluent in Spanish

Conversational in French

Fluent in Jamaican Creole


2021 Rhodes Scholarship Finalist for Jamaica and the Commonwealth Caribbean

Post-Graduation Plan

Accepted a full-time offer with JP Morgan as an Investment Banking Analyst. Will begin in June 2021