Quentin Byrd

Howard University


Fayetteville, Georgia
I am from Fayetteville, Georgia. I was raised by my father who also attended an HBCU, Saint Augustine’s University, so I was always aware of the opportunities that HBCUs provide.. I knew I had interest in both business and politics. Howard's location in D.C. and strong business school allowed me to pursue both of my passions. Additionally, Howard had been my dream school since middle school.. I first started working with the government in high school. I was part of a student group that was involved in dialogues with my city's city council, and it gave me a great opportunity to see how economic development occurs at the local level and how politicians engage business owners.. I'm passionate about working with the government because it is a field where everyday is spent improving the lives of everyone, and this desire to serve others has allowed me to continuing this career.. I will be attending Georgetown's McCourt School of Public Policy part time and will be working at Accenture as a consultant. Studying abroad and being able to lead the Finance Club at Howard were my proudest achievements. Early in college, I struggled at times to find exactly what career path I wanted, and as a Co-President of the Finance Club this year, I was able to help students find their passions and learn about a variety of career paths in finance. With studying abroad, I was given the opportunity to engulf myself into a new culture and meet college students from the around the world, which forever reshaped my view on the world.. .