Kerry Mickens

Prairie View A&M University

Dallas, TX
Computer Science

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Kerry Mickens will soon be a proud second-generation engineering graduate of Prairie View A&M. His father is an electrical engineer from Prairie View A&M and his mother attended the University of Kentucky where she recently got her Masters degree. Kerry was excited to choose Prairie View not only because he was given an academic scholarship, but because of Prairie View's exceptional computer science program that set him up for life changing experiences, such as Google's Tech Exchange program led by Google engineers and top computer science professors. His interest in computer science began because he was always fascinated by how the technology we have today works. Taking a Java course in high school during his freshman year set Kerry on a path to falling in love with computer science. From there, he began to learn how to create Android apps using Java and XML during the summer before he arrived at Prairie View. Kerry's dedication and passion led him to posting his first iOS and Android app, and hosting a web app for Google's Tech Exchange Program. Kerry will be joining Chewy as a full-time software engineer upon graduation and plans on eventually venturing into the tech startup space.

Internships + Offers

JPMorgan Software Engineering Intern Summer 2020

Chewy Software Engineer Fully Time Summer 2021

Independent Projects

Released an app on the App Store and Google Play Store for a Home Healthcare Business as an independent contractor. &

Create a React Web App as a major project with 3 other people for a domestic exchange program I was in at Google. This app was a social media like website for everyone to share their experiences in the Google program.

Experiences Abroad

One of 40 students who participated in a domestic exchange in Sunnyvale, California at Google Tech Exchange in Spring 2020. In this program, we were going to Google's Campus to take classes co-taught by Google Engineers along with other college professors.

Post-Graduation Plan

Full-time software engineer at Chewy. I plan to work there initially and to eventually be able to venture into the startup space.

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Kerry Mickens
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