Kendall Camp

Morehouse College


Modesto, California
Kendal Camp is a Bay Area-born, Central Valley, California-raised son of two Spelhouse grads. He chose Morehouse for the career opportunities and opportunity to be in Atlanta around so many high achieving people of color. Rashaun Williams and Josh Franklin made a significant impact after speaking to them on why Morehouse would be the best college for him. I got interested in marketing, technology, and journalism through learning from social media. I wanted to learn more about technology and venture capital through watching the 2017 NBA finals and wondering what all the people sitting courtside did to get there. Many of them were entrepreneurs and investors, so I wanted to learn more.. I love podcasting and journalism due to the interpersonal relationships you build, and I am able to be inquisitive. I learn so much from my guests, and I feel a tremendous amount of joy when listeners say that my podcast episode brought them value that day. I love marketing because you get to tell a story of a brand or product and use human psychology to allow someone to engage. Venture capital will enable me to assist entrepreneurs and contribute to deploying capital to build generational wealth for underrepresented groups.. N/A. Being on track to graduate cum laude because I struggled with my academics throughout my first two years of college and had a lot of doubt. I’m proud I kept my podcast going for three years and have impacted the media space in the AUC. I’m also proud of the internships I have secured with NBCUniversal, CNBC, and Microsoft. I went to college for career opportunities and the network, and it’s nice knowing I stayed true to my goals and took full advantage.. N/A.