Kayla Lennon


Public Service

Kayla Lennon is a Cincinnati-born, 3rd generation HBCU student. She comes from a family of engineers and educators. Kayla chose Howard University, her grandmother's Alma Mater, because of the amazing programs, sense of community, and rich history. After seeing a need for change in her community, she set out to be a voice for marginalized groups. Kayla works to be an inspiration to those who look like her. Every day, she thinks about the people who broke barriers and glass ceilings so she can do the things she does today. In the same way, she wants to create opportunities for the next generation. Kayla wants to use her graduate degree to help people realize that everyone has a place in the political process, find solutions for voter suppression, and increase political efficacy. Among her accomplishments, serving the constituency of Ward 7F in Washington DC, becoming the Secretary/Treasurer of the Northeast District of Tau Beta Sigma, and creating the "Walnut Hills HBCU Connect" networking database are her proudest accomplishments.

Internships + Offers

Operations Manager - Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7F

Administrative Intern - African American Policy Forum

Legislative Intern - The Office of Senator Rob Portman


Independent Projects

Walnut Hills HBCU Connect - Founded a program to connect HBCU students and Alumni from Walnut Hills High School

Experiences Abroad

Summer Semester at Universidad del Mar in Oaxaca, Mexico, Intensive Spanish Immersion Program

Academic Honors

Phi Beta Kappa

Pi Sigma Alpha

Summa Cum Laude

Language Fluency


Graduate School Acceptances

Harvard Kennedy School, Master of Public Policy

Maxwell School at Syracuse University - Master of Public Affairs

SIPA at Columbia - Master of Public Administration

Trachtenberg at George Washington University - Master of Public Administration

Heinz School at Carnegie Mellon - Master of Science in Public Policy and Management

American University SPA - Master of Public Administration

Post-Graduation Plan

Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Data Analytics for Public Policy at Syracuse University on a full scholarship as a PAIA Exceptional Scholar


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