Janelle Green

Claflin University


African American Studies and Political Science
Charleston, SC
I'm from Charleston,SC and grew up in Jack Primus, a community created by freed Black folks. I come from a long line of diversely talented overcomers, my great grandfather being the main example as a farmer, moonshiner, and eventual landlord in the 1940s. I chose Claflin because of the Alice Carson Tisdale Honors College, a shining gem on campus. I stayed because our Humanities department has some of the best faculty for in depth Africana centered scholarship and they trained me to be an intentional scholar.. I had so many experiences with the trauma our education system can cause, and the liberation it can facilitate, and I wanted to lend my perspective to relevant scholarship and policy.. I do it for all the folks who did not have the good fortune to be mentored and uplifted like I was. I shouldn't be where I am but people saw more in me than I saw in myself, and I can only pay that forward.. I want to create culture specific community centers that honor the roots of locals while providing tools to fill the gaps created by systemic oppression (mentors, financial literacy, etc) and run for office to change education policy. I'd also like to practice and teach ethics law.. Attending Oxford University having been the first person in my immediate family to have a passport, Mentoring a successful Mellon Mays applicant, Luard Morse finalist, and SGA president, and 2 JHU FYRE participants. Claflin's First Luard Morse Scholar.