Hadiyah Cummings

Howard University


Political Science
Conway, Ar
I am a native of Conway, Arkansas. I am a first-generation student and will be the first in my family to go to Law school!. I chose Howard because I wanted to live in DC for the internship opportunities and I also wanted to go to a place that felt like home. Everything I am and aspire to be is because of my family and community who have poured into me all my life. it's time I use my skills to pay them back. IOnce I obtain my Juris Doctorate, I plan to take my training back to Arkansas to restructure the existing public defense agency. The few restorative justice programs in Arkansas are not well funded and thus cannot serve many people. My greatest goal would be to establish an agency with a policy sector that coordinates with the Attorney General to create a budget for restorative justice policies throughout the state. Under my reform efforts and leadership, I hope to create an agency that serves as an example of a principle that has guided much of my life — “we are because of who our community is, and that is why we must be committed to service above all else.”. I plan to go to law school and ultimately hope to become a public defender. Founding a police divestment campaign in my community and interning Senator Kamala Harris. .