George Makunde Martin



George is the proud son of two Cameroonian immigrants and is from Prince George's County, Maryland. The senior computer science major received an academic scholarship from Morgan State University and found a plethora of opportunities, lifelong friends, and timeless memories. Since elementary school, George has been interested in how and why computers work. Fixing and working on computers at home taught him much about critical thinking and problem solving as a child, and he later discovered a desire to create programs to immerse fellow young people of color in tech. George is passionate about increasing the presence of Black people in tech as well his humanitarian efforts in Cameroon. He founded Justice for Cameroon, an organization that has raised thousand of dollars for NGOs working in Cameroon to raise awareness about the ongoing Anglophone crisis. In addition to these great efforts, George has studied abroad in Israel and interned at Google as a software engineer. He earned a full-time offer from Google as a software engineer and will start his career there upon graduation. George plans to continue advocating for the cause in Cameroon and increasing exposure and opportunity for people of color looking to enter into tech.


Generation Google Scholarship

Professional/Academic Programs

Summer Institute for Emerging Managers and Leaders

TavTech Fellow

Internships + Offers

(2x) EP intern at Google

SWE intern at Google

Business Analytics Intern at Accelerated Transformations

Full-time SWE offer at Google


Independent Projects

Brainstormed, organized, and facilitated  "A Peep at Professionalism" workshop at Google exposing underrepresented groups in tech to the opportunities and possibilities they have in developing their career/ professional self.

Founded the Developer Student Club at Morgan State University that hosts hands-on workshops about technology and encourages students to take on projects.

Founded Justice For Cameroon an organization that aims to empower, unify, and amplify the voices of Cameroonians globally through spreading awareness about the Anglophone crisis and its root causes.

Brainstormed, organized, and facilitated "Building Wealth as a Black Professional Series" at Google to promote financial literacy amongst interns.

Experiences Abroad

Studied Data Science and Machine Learning in Israel  in Winter 2019 under the TavTech Fellowship


TavTech 2020 Hackathon - 2nd PlaceGoogle DC Hackathon - 3rd PlaceAT&T HBCU Innovation Challenge - 2nd PlaceAmerican Airlines BE Smart Hackathon - 4th PlaceGoogle DC Tech Challenge - 3rd Place


TavTech FellowSummer Institute for Emerging Managers and Leaders Fellow

Post-Graduation Plan

Full-time Software engineer at Google.