Ebun Oni

Morgan State University


Lagos, Nigeria
I’m from Lagos, Nigeria . I was raised by two professors of geography and I knew I wanted to do anything but geography. I only applied to HBCUs because I wanted more insight into the experience of the African Diaspora.. I chose Morgan State University because I had a lot of relatives who attended the university and they were really passionate about Morgan State and the impact it had in their journeys.. My parents instilled a strong value for education in me. I really enjoy finding answers to questions or asking why there aren’t any answers yet and this has driven my experiences.. My ultimate priority for myself is to learn and satisfy my curiosity. This has led me to different fields like biology research , recycled water research and venture capital. I have enjoyed every step, and I’m continually looking for more opportunities to satisfy my curiosity.. I accepted a full time role at LaSalle investment management. -My team members and I on the sourcing and applications team at the Black Venture Capital Consortium were able to facilitate the BVCC annual pitch competition that gave over $40,000 to a black founder. - I joined a research lab to explore my interest in Biology research and I was able to learn and present my research on biofuel at the Morgan State University annual symposium - I will be graduating summa cum laude from my university next month. .

Internships + Offers

Venture Capital intern at Reach Capital

Asset Management Analyst at LaSalle Investment Management


Biofuel Research at Morgan State University’s Biology Department

Behavioral Economics Research at University of Delaware’s Center for Experimental and Applied Economics

Academic Honors

Graduating Summa Cum Laude from Morgan State University

Language Fluency


Native Yoruba

Post-Graduation Plan

Full-time analyst at Lasalle Investment Management