Arielle Williams

Howard University


Journalism, Media, and Film
Baltimore, MD byway of Trinidad and Tobago
I'm the daughter of two dedicated Tobagonians who saw the potential in me before I did.. Between the World and Me inspired me to go to Howard because I wanted to be a part of an institution where you could come as you are no matter what background or origin and be accepted as a black person.. Ever since my childhood, tv and film has always enchanted me in the way it gives us the freedom to pursue any reality we want. The autonomy in creating withstanding narratives has shown me the impact of crafting content that reflects real communities and the importance of sustaining these connections through dialogue. This understanding has led me to pursue a career in creative development where I can advocate for underrepresented groups.. If I hadn’t kept a steady grip on my pen, I don’t know where I would be in this very moment. Writing has grounded me and has incessantly been my saving grace. It is the very essence of who I am, especially when I was struggling to figure out exactly what that meant. Delivering stories that were important to not only myself but for my peers who were never a first thought continues to be the catalyst that pushes me to wake every morning. I would be nowhere without the support of the black women in my life who saw more than potential in me but selflessly poured self-reliance and confidence in my capabilities into a little girl who knew nothing of how the world treated black women. Because of the kindness and love that laid the foundation for the young woman I am today, I’ve decided that spending the rest of my life advocating for their truth would only be a fraction in comparison to what black woman have instilled in me. Therefore, uplifting and engaging with underrepresented communities seemed more than imperative.. I'm trying to tell dynamic and expansive stories that break the boundaries of how we see the black community but also standing at the intersection of gender and sexuality. Black queer youth deserve to see themselves and all of their possibilities in this world especially and I want to be the person who does that.. Studying abroad in Korea because it showed me how capable I was in any setting. I can always depend on myself no matter how far I may go or how different my surroundings may be. My second proudest moment was working at Dreamworks because it gave me a better understanding and perspective of the animation and development pipeline.. A member of the Gyrl Wonder Leadership Academy which is an organization that develops and connects young women of color into the media and entertainment business.