Alexandria Adigun

Howard University


I'm a Houston native that was raised in the rural suburbs of the area. My family consists of healthcare workers who were supportive and enthusiastic about my decision to attend an HBCU.. I chose Howard University because of their track record in producing Black doctors and Black researchers. Attending Howard has opened my eyes to the diversity of Black people, a wide range of international experience, and left me with friends for life.. I ask a lot of questions that I don't know the answers too. I want to discover those answers and encourage others to do the same, so an MD/PhD allows me to do that.. I applied for an MD/PhD because I wanted to diversify the field and advocate for more representation in both. We can only discover more if we have diversity in opinion when looking to answer important questions. Every time I think about quitting, I think about how many other people I could help in the process if I just finish what I started.. I want to be a practicing physician who also has a research lab. Most likely at a university with a hospital attached.. Conducting research focused on stem cell function and how this can be applied to patients with neurodegenerative disorders. I also loved the small impacts I got to make in student's lives everyday by being a reading tutor through reading partners DC at a local elementary school.. First HBCU student accepted into the Vienna Biocentre Summer School Program..