We celebrate and build the HBCU community.

We are building a support system where HBCU students have the exposure and resources to access any professional path.

HBCUto Mentorship Program


The HBCUto Mentorship Program is an immersive program for HBCU students. You'll learn from HBCU alumni who were in your shoes, currently in positions you want, and are willing to help get you there too! You'll participate in a series of learning experiences designed to expose you to and prepare you for opportunities in your field.

Now accepting applications from current sophomores (2024).


Gain access to an HBCUto team member in your discipline who will guide you through the program toward achieving your goals.

Build community
Connect with peers across HBCU campuses through digital platforms (Slack, Zoom) to share ideas, provide support, and develop lasting relationships.

Level up your trajectory‍
Engage in workshops and discussions that increase your chances of getting opportunities like internships and research gigs.


Learn about the disciplines that interest you from high powered HBCU alumni.

Engage in workshops with the HBCUto team to refine your purpose and create a bulletproof plan of action. Personal Statements, technical interview foundations, test prep? We've got you covered and then some.

We work with you through the last mile. Ask experts about the little things: securing application waivers, weighing offers, and polishing your interview skills.